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31+ Best Books for 75 Hard (or 75 Soft)

Good habits everyday can lead to major success over time! We’ve found the best books for 75 Hard (or 75 Soft) to help you make personal development part of your everyday life.

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Personal development has been a game changer in our lives over the past decade.

Not only can it help your mental health and personal life, but it can also inspire you to reach new goals and establish healthy habits.

So if you’re taking on the 75 Day Challenge — whether 75 Hard or 75 Soft — don’t skip the reading portion!

When is the best time to read?

There is no single perfect time to read. The main thing is that you schedule time to read everyday!

We like to replace the time we spent scrolling social media with reading. This is typically first thing in the morning or at the end of the day before bed.

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Do audiobooks count in 75 Hard?

Audiobooks do not count on the 75 Hard, but you can use an e-reader like a Kindle. Otherwise there are zero substitutions allowed.

Do audio books count on 75 Soft?

You can listen to books on the 75 Soft. We find that audio books are a great way to “read” non-fiction on a daily basis.

What’s the difference between the 75 Hard and 75 Soft Challenge?

The main difference in the two 75 day plans is that the 75 Hard offers zero compromise. You have to follow the rules exactly — no alcohol, no cheat meals, 2 workouts a day, and if you “fail” on a single day – you have to restart the 75 days.

The 75 Soft focuses on daily activities that lead to a good life. The tasks are very similar, but they allow a little more wiggle room for special occasions and well – life!

You can grab the 75 Soft Rules here!

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Do I need the 75 soft ebook?

The 75 Soft eBook is a 50 page digital download with printable meal planners, trackers, snack ideas, and how to pick a nutrition plan and fitness program that fits your lifestyle. It’s not a traditional “book;” it’s more tips with printable trackers.

While it can be helpful — it’s completely optional.

We also have digital trackers that can be helpful in measuring your consistency and progress, but they are also optional.

Grab the eBook (Get 50% Off with code READER) or the 75 Soft Trackers

What 75 Soft Challenge Books Should I Read?

Below is a list of books we’ve deemed to be in our must-read list. These are the best books for 75 Hard or Soft!

We’ve been avid non-fiction readers for over a decade, and these have been the most influential in our lives.

Power of Consistency


General Mindset



Diet & Nutrition


Other (Lighter Reading)

We hope this list of the best books for 75 Hard (or soft) help inspire you to read more!

Thoughts On The 75 Day Challenge Reading Rule

Little things end up being the big things. So the 75 Hard daily tasks make sense to us, but they are too extreme. This opinion extends to the reading rule.

Lots of people may be turned off to start because they don’t like reading. We like the idea of including audiobooks or even fiction books to get people excited to read!

Is 75 Hard a crash diet?

Since the 75 Hard allows for zero cheats, zero compromises, and zero substitutions, it isn’t something most people can do long-term. We recommend talking to a medical professional to develop a plan that works for you now and also in the long run.

Yes, it’s the 75 Soft. We’ve found that different people respond differently to all-or-nothing approaches. If you’re looking to create healthy habits, increase your consistency, and improve your body image –  the 75 Soft is a great 75-day plan to get started!

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How do I prepare for 75 Soft?

If you’re looking to up your game and create a healthy life for yourself, we recommend setting a start date, recruiting a friend or spouse to do the challenge with you, and choosing a time that isn’t already super busy or involving vacations.

We also recommend choosing 1 or 2 books in an area you’d like to see growth in. Then, we recommend choosing a new category of book next. That way you get a well-rounded approach to your personal development.

Another thing that can help prepare you for the 75 Soft is to go ahead and invest in a way to track your consistency and results.

If you like pen and paper, we recommend our 75 Soft eBook that includes several printable trackers. Get 50% off with code READER.

You can also grab a few free 75 Soft printable trackers and a calendar here.

If you prefer everything on your phone or computer, we recommend our 9 digital, customizable 75 Soft trackers!

Grab the eBook (Get 50% Off with code READER) or the 75 Soft Trackers

Would these digital trackers work for 75 Hard?

Yes! While we recommend the 75 Soft, the 9 digital, customizable trackers would also work for the 75 Hard.

Love these best books for 75 hard?

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